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Editorial: Scheduling Season

by Alexis Osborne

Photo Courtesy of Element5 Digital on Unsplash

It’s that point in the semester that can be exciting, nerve racking, or any other kind of emotion for students. It’s the scheduling season. As a sophomore, it’s almost getting close to the point of making sure I have all the credits I need and that I’m taking the right courses. I personally find this exciting because I enjoy viewing the courses that are offered and seeing which ones are interesting to me. I also find it a little stressful because it can be troubling to make sure that no class times overlap with one another and that each class fits within one another.

I know for other students, scheduling could be stressful also because of making sure everything is correct and that each class will count towards something they need in their distribution of credits. But, I have found some ways that could help make this time intriguing and can help students feel more at ease.

Something that helped me is talking with advisors. My advisor has been able to help me understand what classes I can take and what areas still need covered in order for me to graduate. My advisor also makes sure to discuss classes that pertain to my future career goals and steer me in the right direction. Plus, most advisors have experience in your field, so they’re there to help you. 

Another thing that I like doing is asking friends about courses or asking people in my major of what classes are enjoyable to take. I have found that asking friends who have taken courses that I think about taking is very helpful because they know what the class is about and they can discuss their experience with the course. I have found this tip one of the best things I do and I suggest that other students also try it. 

A final tip I have is to take your time with scheduling. When I scheduled my freshman year, I didn’t take the time to look at the class schedule thoroughly and I ended up in courses that didn’ peak my interest. Now that I take my time and look at my distribution of credits sheet and see what will work best for me. I make sure not to squeeze classes in so that I can enjoy my semester and I think if other students take their time and organize well, they will also have great semesters.

Tis the scheduling season Pitt-Greensburg, make sure to not overwhelm yourselves and everything will turn out.

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