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Stressed Out?:Village Hall Brings Relaxation For All

by Florence Zhang

Photo Courtesy of Elisa Ventur on Unsplash

Feeling stressed? Just need a little break during the day? It’s time for some much needed R&R,and the new relaxation room has got you covered.

Pitt-Greensburg recently received a grant of $75,000, and part of that is going into providing a calm and quiet place for students and others on campus to relax in. The university wished to work on some wellness initiatives. Dr. Sheila Confer, director of the Academic Village, is leading the project.

“We determined that the room next to the coffeehouse doesn’t really get used between the time the coffeehouse closes after lunch and reopens for dinner,” Confer says. 

To create a more welcoming environment, there are plans to provide resources such as yoga, wellness assistants, and possibly a massage chair to help students de-stress. The area will also have calm lighting and tactile walls to further the calming effect.

“Every single person I’ve talked to has asked if we will be getting bean bag chairs,” Confer says. “The answer is ‘yes’.”

Another key feature of this wellness station is a writing space on the walls to allow students to express themselves in the moment. This idea was gathered through feedback students had when asked what they would like to see. The room is set to be open throughout the entire day. However, Dr. Confer does note that it may be more bustling during the coffeehouse’s operation hours.

More information is set to come, with a kick-off event scheduled for after spring break.

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