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“Wings Across Westmoreland” is Coming to Campus

by: James Mainier

Photo Courtesy of The Palace Theatre

The “Wings Across Westmoreland” project is an art initiative sponsored by the Westmoreland Cultural Trust organization. It provides a way to bring art into the community and foster a positive outlet for anyone who chooses to participate.

Sometime in 2018, there was an alley in downtown Greensburg that was dark and dull. The Westmoreland Cultural Trust created all kinds of artwork on the walls of the buildings there to brighten it up. One of the pieces created was a black metal sculpture, a set of wings around four-feet-tall.  People could go up to the wings and pose in between them and take pictures of themselves.

This set of wings became so popular the group decided to spread this idea to several parts of Westmoreland County. There is a set of wings in Mount Pleasant, Ligonier, the Boston bike trail, and Irwin. Now the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg will be the first college campus to receive them. This is being coordinated through University Relations and Institutional Advancement.

The wings are being decorated with symbols and words that mean something to the people.  The wings that will be at Pitt-Greensburg will have the top 25 slogans,symbols, or words placed on them.  Students on campus can participate in this endeavor. These slogans and writings for the wings must be something related to the Pitt-Greensburg Community.

According to Jodi Kraisinger, Director of University Relations and Institutional Advancement at Pitt-Greensburg, the timeline for this is as follows:

  1. Requests to put on writings on the wings will be accepted between now and Thanksgiving.
  2. The design will be approved in March.
  3. The wings will be installed probably at the end of March.
  4. The wings will be unveiled in early April.

Kraisinger and Julia Sefcheck, Pitt-Greensburg’s Alumni Engagement officer, are the reason why we have this project as they were integral in bringing it to the campus for the purpose of activities for the 60th anniversary of the campus.

The link for more information about the “Wings Across Westmoreland” is here.

There is no need for donations as the cost for this is minimal.

The Wings of Westmoreland is a powerful project that can bring visitors to campus and hopefully be a positive avenue for anyone deciding to participate.

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