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Rave Guardian App Helps Students Stay Safe

by: Alexis Osborne

Photo Courtesy of Norco College

At Pitt Greensburg, a safe campus is a happy campus. One way Pitt Greensburg Police has kept students aware of their safety comes through their cell phones. They have set up an emergency system where students can receive emergency alerts through a text message. Now, there is another way Pitt Greensburg students can use their cell phones to keep them safe. Pitt Greensburg Police has adopted the Rave Guardian app that can be downloaded through the Pitt App Center, Apple App Store, or Google Play Store. Lieutenant Daniel Lynch has provided information of what the app can do for students who download it.

“There are many positive safety features which are included in the app. We encourage everyone to consider trying the app,” Lynch said.

The list below are things that Lynch had said are included with the Rave Guardian app.

  • There is a Safety Timer that can track your travels around the campus area if you want a third party to be aware of when you arrive at your destination safely
  • You can communicate an issue via a text message (even anonymously) to campus police 
  • You can contact 911 directly in the case of an emergency situation (not for use for non-emergency police services)
  • There is a phone number directory that lets you call resources such as Pitt Police, the Blackburn Center, Counseling Center, Disability Services, Health Services, and Title IX 
  • There is a one touch link to websites for Pitt Police, Counseling Services, Disability Resources, and the Emergency Notification Service
  • There is a one touch link to call Pitt Police for emergency and non-emergency services

Lynch also mentioned that there is more information on the app and how to subscribe at the Police and Safety page on the Pitt Greensburg website. For any emergencies, the phone number for Pitt Greensburg Police is 724-836-9865.

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