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3 and a Half Hours of “Huh?”: The 2022 Grammys

by Emily Lohr

Photo via the Grammys website.

Watching the Grammy’s last night felt like a fever dream. My family and I sent looks back and forth with the tone of “Are you seeing this right now?” 

An award show that usually intrigues and entertains me ended up doing much less this year. Only a few awards felt like obvious wins, like “Best New Artist” and “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.” Some of the other wins, like “Album of the Year” or “Record” and “Song of the Year,” felt more confusing. 

Olivia Rodrigo ended up winning “Best New Artist,” “Best Pop Vocal Album,” and “Best Pop Solo Performance.” Considering how she has been continuously topping the charts and staying musically relevant, I believe these were deserved wins for her. 

Doja Cat and SZA ended up the winners of “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.” Their journey to the stage was complicated, however, as SZA hobbled up on two ill-fitting crutches and Doja Cat was racing back from the bathroom (having taken the “fastest piss of [her] life”, according to Doja).

One of the main issues I had with the Gammy’s was with two people: Bruno Mars and Silk Sonic (who, coincidentally, Bruno Mars is in). Someone needs to humble Bruno Mars, and someone needs to definitely humble his Silk Sonic partner, Anderson .Paak. 

After winning four awards, Paak said, “We are really trying our hardest to remain humble at this point, but in the industry we call that a clean sweep.” 

Upon receiving their Grammy for “Record of the Year,” a clearly inebriated Bruno Mars pulled out a cigarette on stage and proceeded to light it up and smoke it. 

Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak winning “Record of the Year.” Photo courtesy of Yahoo News.

While I understand having a good time, I think that (and the extended, fatally slow dance they did in their seats TWICE before walking up for the awards) shows clear disrespect for the show.

The biggest shock of the night was definitely Jon Batiste. He won five awards and was also nominated an astounding total of 14 times. 

“Am I the only one who doesn’t know who this guy is?” I thought to myself as I watched him get a standing ovation on his way up to stage for his last win of the night. Batiste even seemed to have familiarity with Billie Eilish, as they embraced and shared a few words.

Jon Batiste winning at The Grammys. Photo courtesy of NPR.

One highlight of the night was the tribute they had for Ukraine. Introducing the performance was the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, who spoke about the power of music during these dark times. 

John Legend sang, and numerous other Ukrainian artists (Suizanna Iglidan and Mika Newton) performed alongside him. Finally, Lyuba Yakimchuk (a poet who fled Ukraine just days prior) delivered a prayer-like performance:

“Forgive us our destroyed cities, even though we do not forgive for them our enemies. Shield and protect my husband, my parents, my child and my motherland.” Yakimchuk said.

Overall, there weren’t many memorable moments in this year’s Grammys. If I had to explain it more simply, I would say there were too many performances and not enough broadcasted awards. And doesn’t country music have its own night for stuff like this?

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