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Students Celebrate Black History Month

by James Mainier

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels.

Pitt-Greensburg’s Black Student Union (BSU) is hosting events celebrating Black History Month throughout February to honor Black Americans and their history.

The President of the BSU, Julia Wainwright, said that Black History Month is a celebration of all Black Americans.

“Black History Month means to me celebrating all Black students, Black people everywhere, and honoring the culture. And taking time to remember the past and learn from that so that we can make a better future,” Wainwright said. “Black History Month is a time for Black people to really get just one month out of the year to celebrate.”

The BSU aims to create a safe space for Black students on campus and help make them feel welcome.

“I joined the Black Student Union because it was the safe space on campus for me,” Wainwright said. “I felt like, honestly, there was no other connection made around campus because … we are not really invited into people’s conversations. Nobody ever really approaches us. This is where the Black Student Union is a comfort spot. It became much more than that for me.”

Wainwright said that “everybody plays a part” in celebrating Black History Month on campus. 

Any Black student who is interested in joining the BSU can attend one of their weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in Village Hall 118.

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