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Lost in Space: “Nemesis” Review

by Kyle Harper

Are you tired of playing typical board games like “Monopoly?” Lucky for you, the board game hobby has expanded significantly over the years, and there’s a plethora of games to choose from. One of the most intense, strategic games I’ve played most recently is called “Nemesis.”

“Nemesis” was released in 2018. The game was created by Adam Kwapiǹski, and was published by Awaken Studios. According to Board Game Geek, the game has an 8.4/10 rating and is currently ranked 17th out of the top 100 games.

So, what is “Nemesis?” Essentially, the game is if you put the movie “Alien” into a box. Players take control of a character that has just awoken from a deep sleep in a cryogenic pod. The group becomes aware that they are stranded in space with a damaged ship. As they investigate the ship, the players become increasingly aware that they are not alone.

Most of your time on the ship will be spent searching for items, repairing critical parts of the ship, and battling some xenomorph-like aliens. However, the game digs far deeper than that.

Players do not share the same goal in “Nemesis.” While players are encouraged to work together in the beginning, some will eventually have to betray each other in order to properly win the game. 

Players receive “personal and corporate goal cards” at the start of the game. While some players may have the goal of keeping everybody alive and making it safely home to Earth, other players can win by making sure certain players die or being the sole survivor on the ship.

“Nemesis” is a very intricate game. It’s one of the most complex board games I have, but it’s super interesting and intense once you get the hang of the rules (which is explained in a 30-page manual). 

I can see how this game might not be for everyone. “Nemesis” requires you to dedicate a couple hours of time to play. Additionally, the shelf price for the game ranges anywhere between $100 to $140.  If you’re looking to delve further into the realm of board games and want something that makes you think, “Nemesis” might be right for you. If not, check out the many game sites, like Board Game Geek, to help figure out which game is best for you!

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