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Campus Close-Up (Vol. 16, Issue 1)

by Emily Lohr

In these confusing times, what comfort shows, movies, music, or routines do you gravitate toward?

Copy of Kaiden_Ciongoli“I would say I’m a creature of habit when facing a crisis. I think … music has become my comfort food. There are certain tracks and artists that really appeal to me in these times. Mac Miller’s “Good News,” Olivia Rodrigo’s entire “Sour” album, and, in a big way, the works of Kendrick Lamar. I think hearing others express pain allows us to almost ‘trauma dump’ towards ourselves on a car ride. Afterwards, it’s very rewarding. Sorrow begets sorrow, and I think being in the turbulent Era of 2020-2022 leads us to find answers in our artists.”

— Kaiden Ciongoli, sophomore communications major

“I recently started two shows, and I have been obsessed. “Peaky Blinders” and “Euphoria” are amazing, and they are great shows to watch and take a break from the world. I highly recommend them both if people haven’t started them yet.

I got into “Euphoria” because everyone was talking about the new season, so I wanted to watch it. I was happy I did. It keeps me involved because the acting is amazing and you grow to love the characters. With “Peaky Blinders,” I started watching it because I like shows based on history. There are intense situations in both shows, but getting to know the characters is what keeps me hooked. When I’m watching them, I can actually relax from school, work, et cetera. They are just shows you don’t have to overthink and you can just watch.”
— Ashley McNamara, senior secondary education major with social studies focus

Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 3.37.15 PM

“During these times, I tend to set aside time for myself to enjoy real-life shows on Netflix such as “After Life” and “Atypical.” I think I gravitate towards shows like these because they have a lot of eye-opening life lessons that we may not be exposed to in our own lives.”

— Hanna Harshell, senior management major

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  1. “I think being in the turbulent era of 2020-2022 leads us to find answers in our artists.” — I love this so much.


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