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Campus Close-Up: Are Movie Theaters Dead?

by Jonathan Ross

Photo by Felix Mooneeram ia Unsplash.

I don’t usually go to movie theaters, and I’ve been told because I’m such a high-anxiety person that the second I start to relax I start to fall asleep. So, a $10 nap is pretty expensive. I haven’t been in a movie theater in probably five years anyways. But … movie theaters are pretty dead. … With COVID, a lot of movies will opt to release straight to home, which I think is smart. And gathering people in a group in America’s current climate of violence is something people worry about. … I think it’s really difficult for some people to get to a theater, whether it’s anxiety about being in a dark space with a bunch of people or COVID.” —Caitlin Cruser, creative and professional writing major

“I think that movie theaters are definitely dying, which is sad because I love the experience of going to a movie theater. But it’s so expensive compared to streaming services, and the pandemic didn’t help. It’s definitely gotten me out of the habit of going to movie theaters much more often. Again, the experience of going to a movie theater is a really fun experience. It’s one that I definitely enjoy, and you can’t really find popcorn like movie theater popcorn anywhere else.” —Anna Noel Bass-Riley, junior creative and professional writing major

Calvin“Personally, I don’t think movie theaters are dead. I think there’s always going to be a place for people to want to go and watch movies. … There’s no other experience like watching a movie at a theater, so going to a theater for just the big screen and sound is definitely appealing. I think IMAX would be something better that people would like to go see more, but we just don’t have that in Greensburg. But for people who love movies and love feeling like they’re connected to that scene, I think it’s a great way to express that art form, and it’s less personal watching a Netflix movie or Hulu. Even DVDs have more nostalgia and sentimental value than logging on to your computer. You establish more memories at a movie theater just with the people and experiences. … Movie theaters aren’t my favorite thing but I respect them and think that they have a place.” Calvin Dziewulski, junior communications major

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