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Play Your Heart Out: “WRC 10” Review

by Dylan Leonard

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WRC 10,” developed by KT Racing, speeded onto the video game market early this month for Xbox One, Series S/X, PlayStation 4-5, and PC systems. Almost immediately after its release, I purchased the PC version, and I genuinely feel that KT have created an exciting experience that builds upon the success of the past titles in the franchise. 

“WRC 10” puts players into the driver’s seat of the World Rally Championship, where cars navigate harsh, uneven terrain on dirt trails and receive points through elapsed time rather than position.

All of this season’s cars are included, with options from manufacturers like Ford, Hyundai, Citroën, and Volkswagen, along with a plethora of rally stages spanning the entire globe. 

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In addition, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of WRC, they’ve brought back a selection of legendary cars from the past, including Audi’s insanely powerful Quattro of the 1980s, the Renault Alpine A110, and the Toyota Celica GT4. 

Perhaps most exciting for longtime rally fans is the legendary 1997 Subaru Impreza, piloted to victory by the late Colin McRae alongside its rival, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V. 

As for the gameplay itself, players have two options. You can progress through an interesting career mode, which offers quite a lot of variety, or a single player mode, which is an opportunity to master a course without risking the setback of a crash during a career event. 

For the love of racing, if cars are your passion, dig in and hit the open roads with this fantastic title.

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