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Introducing Pitt-Greensburg’s Pre-Law Society

by Bailey Weber

Photo via Engage.

Pitt-Greensburg announced on Jan. 19 that four new clubs were coming to campus. Over the next few weeks, The Insider will be speaking with the founders of these clubs to learn what their plans are for future events and what their clubs are all about. This issue, The Insider interviewed the founders of the Pre-Law Society.

Co-founders, senior English literature major, Felicia Dusha and junior English literature major, Hannah Florey, had a few classes together and realized they both are interested in going to law school. This pushed them to create a club where other students interested in law can help each other and work together.

“Whenever we found out we both wanted to go to law school, we were just saying how hard it is to find internships and information pertinent to the legal profession. We could not really find any clubs to find out more information. We thought it would be a really great idea to create something where we can all come together to share information,” Dusha said.

The mission of the Pre-Law Society is to bring students interested in law together to learn by studying for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and having outreach programs for these students that may be having trouble finding information about law school.

“We are thinking about having a tutor come in and plan a practice session, and answer questions we may have about the LSAT,” Dusha said.

Dusha and Florey are also interested in bringing Pitt Law students in to talk about their journey through law school. They want to invite students from different stages, like a freshman and then someone about to graduate.

“We want to do a virtual panel with maybe three or four law school students and our members could come and ask questions. Maybe about the LSAT, how their experience in school has been, and how they best prepared for the law school experience,” Dusha said.

There are no requirements to join the club, except, of course, being interested in law. Dusha and Florey are interested in trying to open the club up to Oakland’s campus and other regional campuses.

“We really want to have different backgrounds, views, and experiences of students interested in law. It could be a very beneficial thing. I am not sure how it is going to work, but Al Thiel said it could be a possibility,” Dusha said.

However, these students from other campuses could not be officers on the executive board. Only students from Pitt-Greensburg are able to serve those positions. The Pre-Law Society also just filled those positions up in an election.

“We had someone running for every position, which we were pleasantly surprised about. It went really well. It was wonderful to see that people were even remotely interested in what we were doing. We are really excited to get started,” Florey said.

If students are interested in joining the Pre-Law Society, they can do so via their Engage page. Students could also email Dusha at and Florey at if they have any questions particular to the club.

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