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Stream Your Heart Out: “The Devil All the Time”

by Bailey Weber

The film “The Devil All the Time” created a buzz on social media and in the press when announced. Popular names such as Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Sebastian Stan, Bill Skarsgård, and many more were announced as actors in the film. The film was released on Sept. 11 in select theaters and on Netflix on Sept. 16.

“The Devil All the Time” was tagged as a thriller revolving around a religious town and their abuses of power against one another. The movie was the most watched movie on Netflix over its first two days after release.

I found the film hard to follow for many reasons. First, there was a large amount of time jumps. For example, the plot jumped from World War II to after the war, then to 1950, and then to 1957, and they continue to jump forwards and backwards in time.

Additionally, the story was hard to follow. Yes, it was mainly about religion and how people that allow it to run their lives can go mad, but that was never explained. Many characters did things in the name of God, but their devious and violent actions were never explained, and the audience had to just believe it was because of their devotion to their religion.

If you see this movie on Netflix and are interested, be warned. The timeline is difficult to follow and the actions of the characters are never really explained.

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