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Koala Challenge Joins List of Viral Trends

by Alyssa Bewszka

Welcome to the Koala Challenge! Couples everywhere are testing their strength and compatibility with this silly (and very entertaining) physical challenge. FITAID, a fitness beverage company, got the trend started earlier this year when it announced that it would donate $5 for every koala-challenge video attempt that is posted to social media. This fundraiser, what FITAID is calling the Koala Bear Relief Challenge, will benefit Australian wildlife protection services.

This is something very fun and comical to try out while we are all stuck in quarantine. Grab a partner, and try it out!

I find that it works best if both you and your partner are wearing shorts and if the person “koala-ing” doesn’t wear socks. This will give you a better grip. Have fun!

Watch me take the koala challenge below! If you have trouble viewing the video below, click here.

Follow the trend elsewhere with these koala challenge videos:

Koala Challenge TikTok Couples

Koala Challenge: Can You Do It?

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Takes on the Koala Challenge


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