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A Virtual Reality: Ten Video Games to Play While Stuck Inside

by Kyle Harper

It seems like everybody is going to be inside for quite a while . . . so what should we do now? One of the ways many people pass the time to escape is by playing various forms of video games. If you’re looking for some fun games to pass the time, here’s my top-ten list of games you should check out! 

10) Star Wars – Jedi Knight: Fallen Order 

This game just came out a couple of months ago, and a lot of people have been talking about it. “Fallen Order” focuses on the story of the Jedi Order between the third and fourth episodes of the “Star Wars” saga. 

While this game is pretty fun and gives you the chance to hack and slash through some Imperial forces, it’s also very challenging. The map can feel like you are in a maze at points, and the enemies can be a little ridiculous to fight sometimes. 

If you’re a “Star Wars” fan and you like a bit of a challenge, then check this game out! 

9) We Happy Few 

While “Fallen Order” is a pretty straightforward game, “We Happy Few” can be a bit of brain bender.  

This dystopian game puts you into a world where a drug called Joy distorts reality and makes everything seem happy and calm. However, the world is anything but okay, as poverty and famine strike. The authoritarian government ruling in this game forces you to take Joy or labels you a “Downer,” which causes the populace to try and kill you. 

At the foot of the ruling class, conspiracies begin to unravel about histories that have been forgotten. The question is, will you uncover the truth or will you succumb to joy? 

8) RuneScape Old School 

In 2007, “RuneScape” dominated the internet as many people flocked online to create a character in a fantasy world, fight monsters, master a various amount of skills, and become a hero. 

However, as time went on, “RuneScape” began to evolve. As it grew, it became less popular among its average players. People either grew out of it or felt the game became separated from the original magic it portrayed. 

In 2013, the original creators of the original game also created “Runescape Old School,” which was an original online port for the game. This version captures the nostalgia that comes with playing this game as a kid and draws in newcomers who are looking for a new game that will send them on a great adventure. 

7) The Walking Dead 

Based on the popular TV series, “The Walking Dead” is an emotional, tense game that will tug at your heartstrings every step of the way. 

The game was created by TellTale, which created games where decisions from the player impacted actions within the game to drastic degrees.

The game’s protagonist, Lee, becomes the caretaker of an abandoned girl named Clementine in the brink of a zombie apocalypse. Lee has a questionable past, and as more survivors are encountered, your decisions will ultimately decide if they will help you or hate you. 

Currently, there are four games in “The Walking Dead” series, but the sequels never really capture the emotional appeal of the original. Check out the first one, and if you really enjoy it, the other ones in the series are worth a play as well. 

6) Doom: Eternal 

This game is the most recent of the games on this list, as it just came out at the end of March.  

“Doom: Eternal” takes you on an action-packed adventure through an apocalyptic world. Demons from Hell have invaded and laid waste to most of civilization. Your task is to rid the world of these demons using a variety of different weapons.  

While this task seems very simple, executing it is not quite as easy. There are multiple different breeds of demons that will push you to your absolute limit. This is an extremely difficult game, but a very worthwhile and fun one as well. 

5) The Stanley Parable 

“The Stanley Parable” is a very unique specimen of a game. There’s no fighting, or talking, or really much of anything besides walking and discovering. This walking and discovering can be quite life changing for this world! 

The plot revolves around an office worker named Stanley. While he is working, all of his coworkers suddenly vanish and Stanley ventures out to find them. 

As a witty narrator announces your every action, you venture out to find the truth. With several different endings, there are so many possibilities as to what secrets you may uncover. 

4) God of War 

“God of War” is one of the franchise game series that comes on the PlayStation 4, but the newest game adds a new layer of depth that we have not yet seen in these games.

The plot revolves around Kratos and his son Atreus honoring the life of Atreus’s recently deceased mother. Along the way, many creatures and gods from Norse mythology stand in your path. 

This new world offers a challenge to Kratos, as he tries to pull away from his former life. Will Kratos have the willpower to overcome this new life or will his past catch up with him? 

3) Detroit: Become Human 

The year is 2038 and androids have replaced humans in most basic job functions. As androids advance in technology, they begin to develop emotions and feelings that almost resemble emotion. 

This game is very similar to “The Walking Dead”, but much more complex and with multiple different outcomes. 

Take the role of three androids as they struggle for equality in a world that is not willing to accept them. It is up to you to decide if they will thrive within society, or if they will destroy it. 

2) Fable II 

If you have an Xbox 360 and feel like pulling out a classic, “Fable II” is the game for you. 

In the world of Albion, heroes used to thrive all over the world, but now they are in short supply. As a man driven by loss and insanity threatens to destroy the world, it is up to you to save the world. 

Being a young hero in a magical world, forces of both good and evil will try to influence you and the future of Albion. Which will you choose to bring order to the world? 

1) Dragon Age: Origins 

When it comes to video games, this game is a masterpiece that many people have forgotten about. This game combines a beautiful world with an ingenious story and deep lore that leaves gamers begging for the next game.

A legion of monstrous creatures called “darkspawn” threaten to end the world. Your characters decide to join a secret sect called the “Gray Wardens” and must gather an army to save the world. 

In the midst of an apocalypse, race, class, and politics play roles in deciding who can decide the fate of the people of this world. Will you be able to unite a divided world against a common foe, or will the world destroy itself before the “darkspawn” are able to?


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