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Side-by-Side: Which Chocolate Reins Supreme?

by Alyssa Bewszka and Sadie Presto

Alyssa Bewszka and Sadie Presto debate the better chocolate flavor: white or dark. 


White chocolate all the way. 

by Alyssa Bewszka 

When it comes to chocolate, most people don’t think to grab white chocolate, except those who are like me.  

White chocolate is the most underrated chocolate. It pairs perfectly when it comes to cookies and cream chocolate bars, as well as any sour fruit.  

I enjoy milk chocolate as much as the next guy, but sometimes I need something to spice things up and excite my taste buds. White chocolate is silky smooth, just like any other chocolate, but it has a lighter, more buttery taste.  

I don’t have a very sweet tooth, which is also why I choose white chocolate. It isn’t as sweet as milk chocolate, but definitely isn’t as bitter as dark chocolate, so it makes a perfect middle man for those who are looking for something just right to satisfy them after a savory meal. 

It also contains more calcium than any other type of chocolate, and it makes the perfect drizzle when decorating desserts that are dipped in milk chocolate. When you drizzle dark chocolate on milk chocolate, it doesn’t look as pretty and it certainly doesn’t have the same perfectly paired taste.  

White chocolate also goes well with any mint flavoring, proving that it’s not only delicious by itself, but it’s also a wonderful pairing with just about anything you can think of. 

One last reason to add the cherry on top: white chocolate pairs perfectly with ice cream and gives it the silky creaminess that you taste and feel in your mouth when eating it. 

Yes, dark chocolate can be delicious, and it is supposedly healthier for you, but the more practical and satisfying option is definitely white chocolate. 


Dark chocolate for me, thanks. 

by Sadie Presto 

If you don’t like dark chocolate, my heart sincerely hurts for you.   

I truly cannot fathom having the taste palate of a five-year-old who only eats chicken fingers at restaurants and gags at the thought of vegetables.  

And yes, that is exactly how I imagine you if you think white chocolate is better.   

Dark chocolate is a coming-of-age experience. I never played childish games when I was younger; I never even looked in white or milk chocolate’s direction. As soon as I could chew, I was munching on some dark chocolate and gossiping with my mom.   

In addition to dark chocolate maturing you, it actually has life changing benefits! According to Healthline, dark chocolate has tons of natural nutrients from the cocoa bean itself, including fiber, iron, and potassium. Other benefits that come from dark chocolate include lower blood pressure, reduced risk of diabetes, and improved brain function. Milk chocolate contains low cocoa content, and white chocolate contains none at all. You’re only hurting yourself by consuming white chocolate instead of dark!  

Besides all the benefits, the taste is immaculate. It is sweet, bitter, and soft all at once. I’m drooling just imagining it. If you really think this elegant piece of chocolate is just “bitter,” your taste palate is not advanced enough, and I cry for you.  

White chocolate doesn’t even taste like anything! If I wanted to willingly drink a glass of milk (which, ew), I would do that! What I would never do is waste my calories eating tooth-rotting, glorified milk.  

White chocolate is cancelled, and we stan dark chocolate. 

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