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The Key To Happily Ever After

by Kylee Soberdash

“The Key To Happily Ever After” is written by Tif Marcelo, and it is about three sisters who run their family’s wedding boutique after their parents decide to retire. Marisol, Janelyn, and Pearl de la Rosa find out running a family business is not as simple as they thought. Whether it is a wardrobe malfunction or brides who change their minds, the sisters know that they will always have each other by their sides.  

I found this book fun and sweet, especially because the book focuses on sisterhood. You just don’t see that a lot in books anymore. Another good part about the book is that the chapters’ names are named after songs, signaling a “mood” for the chapter. My favorite chapter in the book is Chapter Seven because it is named “Feels So Close” by Calvin Harris because it is one of my favorite songs to jam out to. The book also still has a touch a romance to it: all three sisters are tangled in some kind of romance, whether it’s an old flame, a new neighbor/brides’ brother, or a best friends’ brother that one of the de la Rosa sisters been in love with since the beginning.  

Anyone can relate to “The Key To Happily Ever After” because it is the love of family the book is founded on. One critique about the book is the author gets mixed up on which sister she is talking about in a chapter, because the chapters are not based on one sister’s perspective. That brings me to my second and last critique: it is hard to follow which sister is which when reading the chapter until Marcelo says their names to signify this chapter is from a specific sister’s point-of-view. 

With those two critiques, I would still say “The Key to Happily Ever After” is a good read that you should pick up the next time you are at a bookstore or searching on your Kindle. 4/5 stars. 

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