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Crawford School of Terror

by Kylee Soberdash

If you are looking for a good scare, I have the place for you. Crawford School of Terror is the perfect place to spend a chilly Friday or Saturday night 

The haunted attraction is run in an actual school to make it feel even more creepy. The business is run by a husband and wife duo from ConnellsvilleThe haunt has three floors to scare your socks off with two additional escape rooms. The first escape room is a ten minute while the second one is a 60 minute which is called Escape Crawford.  

The haunt has an interesting story that draws you to the attraction. The story talks about how the school became haunted about an elementary schoolgirl who loves her teacher, but he is in love with a new teacher of the school. From there things go horrible wrong. This haunt is different from all the others because it is revolved around in a school. For me I have never seen a haunted attraction like that before. One of the parts of the attraction is a blindfolded maze, which is a new part of the haunt which is spooky and heart thumping that you must try. 

 It is a perfect Halloween spot for the season and was fan voted number ten in the state for the must-see haunt in Pa. Grab your friends and take them to Crawford School of Terror any weekend in October, you will not regret the fun experience you will have when you go 

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