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Student Movie to be Filmed on Campus: “Lesbian Dracula Submarine”

By Miranda Smith

Have you ever thought about filming a movie on campus? Pitt-Greensburg students Logan Tomko and Emily Buckel had this idea, and they are now following through on it.  

The two students wrote and are currently directing the horror-comedy film “Lesbian Dracula Submarine” on Seton Hill and Pitt-Greensburg’s campuses.  

The film is expected to be released before the end of the Spring 2020 semester—just in time for finals week entertainment.  

What once originated as a joke during the Fall 2018 production of “Dracula” developed into a story worth creating.  

The film follows most of the original plot of the play “Dracula.” The main changes include Dracula is now a lesbian and owns a submarine.  

Logan Tomko, Director of “Lesbian Dracula Submarine,” said: “[a simple synopsis of the film is] the Countess Dracula leaves Transylvania for England aboard her mysterious submarine full of different monsters, intent on satisfying her own devilish desires. The protagonist is Mina, a student at Westminster, who has to come to terms with aspects of her own identity that she’s ignored or kept hidden in order to confront Dracula.” 

Auditions were held at the beginning of this semester. Tomko and Buckel found all the right actors to fill the roles of the envisioned characters.  

“[In] almost every audition, you could see who should play who from a mile away,” Tomko said.  

The cast members include familiar faces from various Pitt-Greensburg theatre productions such as Emily Buckel, Austin Grau, Cameron Collins, and Cali Mulzet. There are a few new actors joining this experience as well, including Nicole Cortino and Finn Caskey.  

Following the release of the film, Tomko hopes that there will be a showing on campus.  

“We [would] love to have an on campus showing as long as we get to show our best work,” he said.  

The film will include a variety of interesting scenes. One that Tomko is looking forward to takes place on Dracula’s submarine.  

“She’s throwing a party full of monsters, and it turns into this fun musical number,” Tomko said.  

Tomko and Buckel are looking for a lot of extras for this scene. If you’re interested in being a monster for a night, contact Logan Tomko ( or Emily Buckel ( for more information. 

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