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ICE, ICE, Undocumented Baby: Halloween Costumes for the Border

by Matthew Tyler Boyer

It’s basically the holidays, guys.

We’re in the midst of Halloween, the time of year when people post pictures of themselves online, dressed up in their costumes.

And because Halloween falls on a weekday, we’ll be plagued with photos for two weekends in a row.

Couples costumes are really popular for those who are in happy relationships, or for those who are trying to salvage a failing one by giving each other the task of working on love.

One costume I see every year online, without fail, is a couple that covers themselves in ice bags while holding a newborn baby.

This is a visual pun from the 1990 Vanilla Ice song “Ice, Ice, Baby.”

It was funny the first time, but after being on the internet for the past nine years, I’m tired of the frozen water and the babies they’ve produced.

Just as the rapper, the people in these silly pictures are almost always white.

Ice has gained a definition other than the cure to a warm drink: Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

In recent months, it has come to light that ICE has been placing men, women, and children into captivity when they are seeking entry into the United States.

Although ICE has been around since 2003, this is the most I can remember hearing about them, and for a reason which we can understand.

Whether you’re pro-immigration or anti-immigration, it’s hard to disagree that people shouldn’t be kept in cages.

Children in cages is something scary and horrible. It’s almost like Halloween all year round, except it’s real life.

What is ICE doing for the holiday this year?

What are the costumes that ICE agents will be dawning on the last day of this very chilly, spooky October?

Spoiler alert: it’s their uniforms.

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