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Read Your Heart Out: Talking as Fast As I Can

by Kaylee Stinebiser

“Talking As Fast As I Can” by Lauren Graham is a fantastically honest memoir about a completely normal woman who worked hard and earned every bit of success that she has today. 

I knew that Lauren Graham was naturally funny. I’ve watched every single Gilmore Girls episode at least three times, and I’ve watched a lot of her interviews (thanks, Ellen Degeneres!) I knew this book would be funny before I even opened it, and it was. I don’t think I’ve smiled that wide while reading in a very, very long time; my coworkers in the lunchroom must think I’ve gone insane.  

I couldn’t put this book down, and I was sad when it was over. Those are two things that I hope for when I pick up a book. Five stars. 

“Talking As Fast As I Can” is funny for sure, but Lauren Graham didn’t write this book just to get a few laughs; she’s had some unique experiences that she wanted to share, lessons and advice that she wants to give to anyone who might be looking for it—or, rather, to anyone who might need it, whether you’re looking for it or not. These moments were frequent but not overbearing: a perfect mix of comedy and seriousness. 

I wasn’t expecting the advice on writing that appears in this book, which is also perfect. When I go into a book prepared to read tips on how to fight writer’s block or how to form a successful writing process, I shut down; it’s too overwhelming to me. The writing advice in this book both took me by surprise and impressed me because it wasn’t pushy. It was just there, dangling for me; it was up for grabs, but no feelings were going to be hurt if I didn’t take it and scream “thank GOD now I’ve found the answer to all of my writing problems!” Most of all, it was the idea that Lauren is still working hard, still pushing to improve, still trying to find her style and pattern that made this advice more attractive; it makes sense, and it’s usable.  

In every single chapter of this book, I felt that always-coveted connection between author and reader. As Lauren describes her experiences with Hollywood actors, journalists, interviewers, editors, directors, and everyone in between, she often talks about not wanting to answer their questions, not wanting to share details about her personal life, including her relationship with Peter Krause. Then, she goes on to give the reader all of the answers to the questions that she just told us she never really wanted to answer.  

The result? I feel honored to read this book, to learn about Lauren Graham’s life and experiences in the way that she wanted us to learn about them. She’s sharing details of her life in her own way, on her own terms, and that has created a memoir that feels personal, authentic, and valuable.  

I picked up this book because I loved Gilmore Girls, both the original series and the reboot, and I wanted to see what Lauren Graham had to say. I wanted to get a little more Lorelai Gilmore in my life. Now, I feel very much like Lauren Graham is my own personal best friend, waiting there on my bookshelf to entertain me with hilarious and embarrassing stories of herself and, when I need it, offer me the occasional piece of life advice. This is a memoir worth reading.  

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