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“Us:” The Eye-Opening Thriller We Didn’t Know We Needed

by Courtney Gaffey

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On Mar. 22, Jordan Peele released his second horror-thriller movie titled “Us,” following “Get Out,” which released in Feb. 2017. Since his first film, Peele’s talents at taking on hard topics in interesting, often unsettling ways, has been known. Fans and critics alike were raving over “Get Out,” and the same can be said for “Us.”

And it makes sense. But not to everyone.

Thriller and horror are hard genres to do well these days, often leading to overdone plots and archetype characters. However, what Peele does and does well is take real-world problems and present them in such a dramatic, terrifying fashion that may lead many to overlook the overlying allegory. “Us” is, at its core, a movie about the constant struggle of the world we live in. The culture of them versus us. How detrimental this mindset is, and how alike we are, almost following suit to being “shadows” of one another.

Furthermore, it lends a hand to the idea that when we are given the same opportunities, we have the ability to adapt, grow, and become one of the coveted “us.” The insiders. The better-off. The elites. Why?

Because we’re all the same. We just need the same chances.

And while those struggling are overlooked and outcasted, they’re building an army. They’re ready to fight for their shot. Because at the end of the day, they’re just like the rest of us – but they weren’t given a chance to excel or grow.

Now, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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