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Stream Your Heart Out: “Sex Education”

by Courtney Gaffey

Credit to

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Episodes: 8 episodes, 50 minutes

Netflix recently released a new original series titled “Sex Education” which lines up nicely with a dramatic and comedic genre. Although the show is often cringe-worthy due to the lewdness and awkwardness that occur, one can be sure to find some delight within each episode.

Laurie Nunn, director of the new series, did a great job particularly when it comes to casting. The actors and actresses chosen really suit their characters well and do a fantastic job of really hitting the viewer with that gross “oh-no” feeling from the early high school days. Although the show may have viewers ready to turn it off because they’re vicariously feeling embarrassment for someone through their television, most will sit through it and be happy that they did.

Following an almost typical coming of age story plot, the series follows Otis, a young boy who’s frankly just trying to figure himself and everyone around him out. Hormones are raging and things are confusing. Stereotypes are used, sure, but no specific bias seems apparent and as a self-proclaimed Netflix aficionado, that’s refreshing. So often we see overused stereotypes especially when it comes to coming of age, high school aged movies or shows. And definitely when it pertains to sex.

But this one is different. It’s empathetic. It’s refreshing. And above all, it’s worth the watch even if you might want to look away sometimes, assuming you can get over the British accent.

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