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“Red Dead 2” Has Real-Deal Redemption

by Voshon Kendrick

Released in the latter half of 2018 just before Halloween , Red Dead Redemption 2 proves just how wild even the virtual west can be. The game grossed $725 million in its first three days after being released, making it the second highest grossing first week launch of all time; Only shadowed by Rockstar’s golden child Grand Theft Auto V, which grossed $1 billion in retail in its first three days after its initial release.

The game takes place in 1899 in the wild west, and as far as america is concerned, this concept of the untamed frontier is over and defunct. You play as “Arthur Morgan,” a true, seasoned outlaw, down on his luck after his gang’s attempt at a bank robbery goes awry.

There is a lot to do in this rpg. For one thing, aside from the missions preset in the game, if you’re feeling adventurous you can hunt down one of the 16 legendary animals scattered across the games seemingly endless map.

And animals play a large role in the game as well. Catch, name, feed, and pet your horse to build a bond with it. Lasso and skin animals for their pelts, the possibilities seem endless. If a player chooses they can even “antagonize” anyone they come across. Striking circle allows you to make Arthur Morgan greet someone with a friendly, “I don’t like you.”

The creators did not shy from creating an immersive experience either. Painstaking details that may go unnoticed are not unappreciated. From grass fields that flow in the wind effortlessly to trees with what seems like hundreds of leaves on them.

And this is carried over into the gameplay as well. Arthur cannot stay in the cold regions too long or his health suffers. Additionally sleep is actually necessary, this along with many other things like eating.

If you want to experience a piece of gaming history I would suggest getting this game at some point in the near future. And if you already have Red Dead 2, I will leave you with this tip: do not antagonize lawmen.

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