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Our “Star Wars”

by Dan Spanner

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Happy New Year, fellow readers! It is a time for resolutions and reflections; a time for wishing and looking deep ahead. And it is now time for J.J. Abrams to strike again and melt our kyber crystal-hearts.

That’s right. Gargle your Wookie call, hold tight to the lucky dice, and channel your Force sensitive soul. The “Star Wars” hyperspace hype train/spaceship/tauntaun is underfoot.

After Abrams’ “The Fore Awakens” and Rian Johnson’s “The Last Jedi,” we have reached the time for the final installment into the series. Why is this “Star Wars” film any different than the past? Why forge our lightsabers in the chill of January?

In short, this is our “Star Wars”. This will be the end to this generation’s trilogy. Back when our folks, guardians, professors, and other slightly older acquaintances were in college or working or in the prime of their youthful glory, the original trilogy of “Star Wars” was held in their hands like fresh, clean droid parts from a Jawa.

It shaped the world of Science Fiction around them. It helped build a culture filled with an awe of space flight and other worlds.

Above all, “Star Wars” created a pocket of beloved stories— tales of friendship, sacrifice, family, diversity, and love. The Force became a tangible, real idea for a great deal of people. It promoted connection and respect for the world, making the world of “Star Wars” something relatable and spiritual, as well as fantastically scientific.

Now, the end of our generation’s “Star Wars” is coming to a swift end. Thanks to the creators, directors, and cast, the same themes of hope, diversity, and friendship still ring true.

Let’s start the celebration of our “Star Wars” now, and let it carry each other through the year, so when we arrive to meet it in the popcorn-peppered floors of our local theaters, we’ll have our sabers held high to thank these stories and say our goodbyes.

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