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Disney Music Review

by Shirley Petropoulos

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Disney music is one of my favorite types of music to listen to, especially if it’s the Disney music I grew up listening to.

Disney songs such as “Be Prepared” from the “Lion King,” “Under the Sea” from the “Little Mermaid,” and “Belle” from “Beauty and the Beast” have all made me relive my childhood days.

Some people may not really enjoy listening to Disney music, but when you grow up watching the Disney channel and even watch Disney movies as a kid, you tend to fall in love with the music.

I absolutely love Disney music especially when it comes to Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs). Some of the new DCOMs have music within them and they tend to always have a message in them.

The newer DCOM “Zombies” has a ton of great music in it. Some songs such as “Someday,” “BAMM,” “My Year,” and even “Fired Up” all get the listener to want to dance along to the beat.

I really like listening to the music from DCOMs more so than the older Disney movies because they have a message behind them more so than the other movies do.

The “High School Musical” trilogy has so much fun and entertaining music. I really loved growing up listening to “High School Musical” and all the other classic song that are from the classic Disney movies.

Listening to Disney music has really made me remember my childhood and I tend to always listen to Disney music every chance I get. On my IPOD I have an entire playlist dedicated to Disney and I listen to it almost all the time. That is when I am not listening to my Musicals playlist that consists of “Hamilton,” “Wicked,” and “Newsies.”

If you are looking for some good music to get up and dance to then I recommend you listen to Disney music, whether it be the DCOMs or just the classic Disney movies, such as the “Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast.“

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