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No More Bumps in the Road?

by Dylan Shaler

For any drivers who travel Lynch Drive coming into campus, you probably felt a sigh of relief the first day back this semester when you quickly realize the 3 speed bumps are no longer there.

But why did they all of a sudden get taken away? Mr. Joseph Bleehash, Director of Facilities and Security for campus, stated that this is only the beginning of a large road repair process, “The salt and ice from the past few winters have caused erosion and deterioration of the bumps. The bumps were constructed in a way that our snow plows did not have adequate clearance and damage was occurring to both the bumps and our equipment.”

According to Bleehash, the cost to remove the bumps, cut and prepare the road, and patch the holes was $8,160.

With the bumps no longer in place, student safety is still being monitored for people traveling Lynch Drive. With the speed limit set to 15MPH on the road, Bleehas notes that there are alternative ways to control the speed; “Campus police will be periodically posting a patrol car near Rossetti House to monitor speed. We are also considering an electronic monitoring device that flashes a vehicle speed in order to keep drivers aware of how fast they are moving.”

Although they are gone this semester, Bleehash adds that they will address the situation in the spring on whether they need to be rebuilt or be designed differently.

With upcoming construction and high vehicle traffic around campus, Bleehash would like to remind everyone that the road around the baseball field are not for internal circulation; “There has been an increase of higher speed traffic around that road. Many smaller maintenance vehicles travel that road as well as walkers. Additional vehicular traffic causes an unsafe condition for everyone.”

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