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“Hamilton’s America” Review

by Shirley Petropoulos

On PBS, there was a program that gave the historical aspects and went through how Lin Manuel Miranda was able to create the hit musical “Hamilton.”

This documentary was very insightful and I really enjoyed it. It not only went through the musical and how it was created, but it also gave historical contexts throughout the program about how Alexander Hamilton lived and what he did to help create one of the greatest nation’s in the world.

This musical is such a great and powerful musical that goes through the life of Alexander Hamilton. Lin Manuel Miranda did a ton of research ,which is shown in the program. Hamilton did a ton of work to bring the financial system we now have in America.

A lot of celebrities are shown in the documentary that give information on Hamilton, either the person or the musical. Miranda is the main focus on the program and he gives the information he used to create the musical.

Basically, this program gives the history of how America came to be a nation from the view of Hamilton. This program also shows the inaccuracies that are in the musical because there was so much information that Miranda found in writing the musical.

During the program, Miranda interviews President Barack Obama to get some insight on living in the White House.

This program not only goes through the musical but also the history of Alexander Hamilton and how he was able to make history in the brand new America.

As most people know “Hamilton: An American Musical” will be in Pittsburgh in Jan., and I am looking forward to seeing it and I encourage others to go and see it.

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