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Westmoreland Mall Announced as New Location for Mini-Casino

by Dylan Shaler

Since January of this year, when it was announced that Westmoreland County would soon be home to a new Mini Casino, there’s been a big controversy of where it would be located.

On the 25th of July, CBL Properties and Stadium Casino, LLC officially announced that Westmoreland Mall in Hempfield Township would be the new home of the 100,000 square-foot mini casino and entertainment complex at the previous Bon-Ton store.

According to Stephen Lebovitz, CLB’s Chief Executive Officer, “CBL’s strategy is to reinvent its properties by bringing new and exciting experiences to our shoppers. We are adding fitness, dining, hotels and other uses to properties throughout our portfolio”.

The casino is estimated to produce over 600 new jobs and generate millions of dollars annually to the local community.

Under state law, two percent of the mall casinos revenue from slot machines and one percent from table games will go toward the community of Hempfield. The same amount of revenue from slots and table games will also go into a state fund, which used to pay for projects in Westmoreland County.

There is no timeline of when construction will begin, due to it having to be approved by the PA Gaming Control Board.

With numerous chain department stores closing down inside malls nationwide, this will be a big jump in revenue for not only the casino and community, but also stores inside the mall.

State Senator Kim Ward adds “This project will bring a sizeable increase in our tax base, a significant number of full-time jobs, and will help revitalize the Westmoreland Mall complex.”

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