New Stories

“The Fosters”

by Mandy Nelson

The Fosters

Genre:  Drama, Family Drama

Seasons: 5

(20-21 episodes, 60 minutes)

After a short break, “The Fosters” came back on Jan. 9 and delivered a powerful message on immigration. Currently in its fifth season, “The Fosters” is a traditional family drama; expect, the family dynamic is anything but typical. To reflect today’s society, “The Fosters” depicts an unconventional family of lesbian mothers, adopted Hispanic twins, and a foster daughter from juvie. The story line begins with Callie, the foster child from juvie, but has grown into a multigenerational show by following each member of the family.

At first, the title may sound boring because it’s a show about a foster family and it’s called, “The Fosters.” Many people refuse to give the show a chance because it sounds like a show for teenagers. However, if you’re a fan of flawed characters, strong, impactful life lessons, or controversial social topics, “The Fosters” is for you.

This show is known for covering controversial topics such as, racism in biracial families, gun control in schools, abusive foster homes, and more.  Each episode has a way of getting inside diverse individual’s lives and giving the public a different way to view these controversial subjects.

Possibly the most important aspect of “The Fosters” is that the teens act like real teens. Almost everyone can relate to at least one character in this show. For a show with this much drama it may seem impossible to have any light-hearted moments, but “The Fosters” is full of sharp humor. Ultimately, the message of the show is clear: we are all different, but we are all human.

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