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Locally Listed: Top 10 Unique Places to Go On a Date

by Kaylee Stinebiser

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or you’re going on a first date, sometimes it can feel like local places to go are cliche and boring. If you need some date inspiration, here’s my list of some of the best, unique places to go on a date in the Greensburg area.

1. The Diamond — Ligonier, PA

Ligonier, PA is a beautiful place at any time of the year, and a trip to the Diamond and its surrounding streets will give you a relaxed date and a chance to bond. There’s a wide variety of stores and restaurants, so both of you will find something you like.

2. The Waterfront — Pittsburgh, PA

A date at the Waterfront can’t go wrong because there’s so much to do. With so many stores, Dave and Busters, restaurants, and the movie theater, couples with different interests can easily compromise and do something that either will enjoy. It’s ideal for first dates, too — if you’re not ready for the date to end yet, just pick another activity.

3. The Palace Theater — Greensburg, PA

There’s always a good show to be taken in here, and the Palace is a beautiful theater. Each season features plays and musicals, but performances like magic shows and comedians often take the stage as well, and that’s a unique experience for a date.

4. The Cheesecake Factory — Pittsburgh, PA

Dinner is a classic date, but eating at the same local Greensburg restaurants can get boring. The Cheesecake Factory is unique and different, and it has amazing food. It’s just a classy place to take someone. For something different, try a dessert-only date.

5. Main Bowling Center — Greensburg, PA

Going bowling is a classic date, and though bowling alley technology hasn’t changed much over the years, it’s still a fun date activity. It’s usually a cheap date, and it’s even more affordable at Main Bowling if you show your Pitt ID.

6. Statler’s Fun Center — Latrobe, PA

Statler’s has three different activities you can do — mini golf, batting cages, and a go-kart track. Even if you’re bad at mini golf, you can still have fun with your significant other, and sometimes it’s fun to have a little competition.

7. Game Stop — Greensburg, PA Obviously, this date only works if you’re going out with someone who likes video games. Go to your nearest Game Stop, browse around some new games, and pick one that the two of you can play together. That way, you’re doing something that your significant other loves, but you’ve found a game that you’re interested in playing so you can participate, too.

8. Satya, Yoga Studio — Greensburg, PA This idea is aimed more towards couples who like to exercise together. Taking a yoga or a fitness class together. Get healthy and have fun with someone you love.

9. The Gateway Clipper — Pittsburgh, PA A boat ride on the Gateway Clipper is a very romantic date and a unique experience. The food is delicious and it’s an opportunity to get dressed up and maybe take a few nice pictures, too.

 10. The Climbing Wall — Pittsburgh, PA A lot of dates consist of sitting somewhere and chatting, and while it’s good for couples to have conversation, more active dates are always fun. The climbing wall is a safe way to go on an adventurous date.

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