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Bookstore Increases Presence on Social Media Thorough Events and Contests

by Lauren Speck

The Pitt-Greensburg campus bookstore will be holding two events in February. The bookstore will begin advertising their Mardi Gras Grad Central event on Feb 1. The first day of this event is also the first day that graduates are able to buy caps and gowns. The bookstore plays New Orleans music and gives beads to graduates. There is also the“King Cake” contest. In this contest, students who find a small figure in the cake can win prizes such as a free cap and gown, diploma frame, class ring, or a graduation basket.

The other event being held this February for Valentine’s Day is the “Love Stinks” contest, which will take place on the bookstore’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. To be eligible for a prize, students must react to the bookstore’s ad by voting on whether they believe “Love Stinks” or “Loves Rocks” by posting a reaction such as an emoji.

The “Love Stinks” contest is part of an effort to help the bookstore improve on its use of social media. Kathleen Fennel, the bookstore’s manager, felt that the bookstore was lacking in the area of social media. She hopes that the promotion will help the bookstore gain followers. The bookstore has also hired Jenna Coleman, a Communications student at Pitt Greensburg, to work on and improve the bookstore’s social media pages.

You can follow the Pitt Greensburg campus bookstore on

Instagram: pittgbg_campus_store

Twitter: PITTCampusStore@gbgbooks

Facebook: PITT Greensburg Campus Store

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