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Make your Christmas Gifts—How To Make a Holiday Wreath

by Samantha Cook

Giving gifts can sometimes be difficult if you are on a budget, and when you’re in college, well, you’re always on a budget. My family really loves when I gift them wreaths, more so than any other gift I have every given them because they are made with love, and they are just simply gorgeous.

Step 1: Get your Supplies

Dollar Tree sells wreath frames for $1. You can also pick up some ornaments, knick-knacks, and ribbon to decorate your wreaths here. I have yet to find rolls of burlap at Dollar Tree, but you can pick one up at Walmart for $3.79. You will also need a needle and thread which you probably have lying around the house. In total, one wreath should cost you less than or around $10, depending how many decorations you chose to put on it.

Step 2: Start Assembly

The best thing I can say is to just google DIY burlap wreaths and watch a video to figure out how to put the burlap through, but basically you want to loop in through the bottom and the top ring of the wreath frame so it goes the whole way around. Once it is full, you can fluff it up by pulling pieces of the burlap out. Take a needle and thread and sew the two ends (start and finish) together to keep them into place.

Step 3: Decorate

Maybe you chose ribbon to put a big bow on it, or maybe you chose mini Christmas bulbs—either way, you will want to sew these strategically around the wreath to make it look pretty.

Step 4: Gift It

Chances are, whoever you gave it to is going to love it. These things cost $30 and up if you buy a premade one, but they are so simple to make yourself. Decorations are a great gift to give people because they can be customized based on your clientele.

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