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I’m Single, but It’s Fine

by Shahum Ajmal

Yes, I am single, but I can still offer up some gift ideas to any of you out there looking for Christmas gift ideas for your significant others.

All quotes/gift ideas are from twitter user @Squires_Taylor_

Here are ten items she offers to guys to buy for their girlfriends:

1. Sock

2. Candles

3. Real pajamas

4. Fluffy blankets

5. Pandora rings

6. Lush bath bombs

7. A framed picture of you guys

8. Flowers

9. Jesus sandals (Birkenstocks)

10. Nike track shorts

Here are ten items she offers to girls to buy for their boyfriends:

1. Watches

2. Cologne

3. Wallets

4. Shoes

5. Tickets to his favorite sports team

6. Jerseys/Memorabilia

7. Headphones

8. Buy him a nice outfit and take him to his favorite restaurant

9. Make a coupon book full of things you can either do for him or pay for him to get done

10. Clothes

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