New Stories

Dr. Uncle

by Kara Goughnour

This fall semester, in almost every building around the Pitt-Greensburg campus, a series of one-panel comic drawing have been appearing featuring a green cat named Dr. Uncle. Dr. Uncle sports various silly faces ever-changing in each comic, with phrases such as “Dr. Uncle sez: Your hair looks great today. Who’s your stylist?” and “Dr. Uncle sez: I’m on Highway 61,” a reference to the Bob Dylan song, “Highway 61.” Max Rayshich, a sophomore and the creator of Dr. Uncle, talked about the creation of the campus’s first original character comic. “I was doodling up random characters that were sort of other-worldly and strange and somehow came up with a green cat with an anime face. I decided that that was a character I was going to use for stuff, and Dr. Uncle way born in that way,” said Rayshich.

But Dr. Uncle can’t just be found in the comics popping up around campus. “A couple of my friends and I started to make a card game called ‘Big Boy Throw Down’, which is a project we’ve been working on for a year and a half now, so the posters are a bit of a marketing campaign to get people interested in Dr. Uncle,” said Rayshich. “Dr. Uncle is sort of the figure head of this. He’s like the Pikachu of Big Boy I would say.” Talk is in the air about ‘Big Boy Throw Down’ being up for sale in the future, and a videogame is in it’s first stages as well.

“Mechanically, it’s like a competitive card game, like Yu-Gi-Oh! Or Magic the Gathering, but it’s supposed to be very easy to pick up, like a party game almost.” said Rayshich. Dr. Uncle now has sign-up sheets at the Friday Night Gaming event held by Nerdfighters for those interested in learning to play.

Dr. Uncle has received some pushback from campus officials as he is not Student Services approved, and a comic outside of the Chambers Hall Subway saying “Dr. Uncle sez: Say no to” was removed. A second comic picturing Dr. Uncle crying with the phrase “Dr. Uncle sez: You can’t get rid of me,” was also removed from the same location. Rayshich says he has a plan for what comes next in these trying times, but was assuring and said that “It’s nothing too nefarious, just goofy.”

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