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Questions & Athletes: Bobcat Women’s Soccer

by Ali Dimoff

The featured athlete is Shannon Edwards, Pitt-Greenburg’s Women’s Soccer goalkeeper. She is a Senior Psychology major with a minor in Statistics, who will be graduating a semester early this December.

Edwards was a 2015-16 Second-Team All-AMCC player. She was also awarded AMCC Defensive Player of the Week Oct. 20, and Oct. 26, that season.

Question: Your favorite memory from this season?

Edwards: My favorite memory this season was beating our rivals Penn State – Altoona (3-0), and having a shutout in that game. After that game we heard over the loud speakers that we got a berth in the AMCC playoffs. It was really exciting.

Q: Your favorite song from your warm-up cd (or your own playlist)?

E: I like all the songs on the warm-up but something memorable is that it starts with a segment from the beep test [a fitness test], so that always freaks other teams out.

Q: Your favorite show on Netflix currently?

E: The current show that you can find me binge watching on Netflix is The Blacklist.

Q: What are you most excited about now that the season is over? Saddest about?

E: I am excited that the season is over because it means I am so close to graduating but, then again, it’s also very upsetting because I have played soccer for 17 years and I will never play it competitively again.

Q: If you could be a ninja or a pirate, which would you be, and why?

E: I think I would be a pirate. I feel like pirates have good adventures and stories to tell—have you seen Pirates of the Caribbean? Pirates also steal with very little consequence, they live with their friends on a boat, and get to look at the ocean all day. What’s not to like?

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