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Pitt to the Power of One: You Matter

by Shahum Ajmal

The new brand at Pitt-Greensburg this year, “Pitt to the Power of One,” has been introduced for the 2017-2018 academic term.

Pitt-Greensburg worked with a consulting firm, Elliance, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to come up with this new brand.

“We are much more than Pitt to the Power of One, but we thought that really captured something essential about who we are and what we want to foster in everybody,” said Dr. Sharon Smith, President of Pitt-Greensburg.

It was Elliance’s objective third-party expertise that allowed hours of interviews among faculty, students, staff, alumni, friends of the campus, and employers who had hired Pitt-Greensburg graduated to be translated into one simple catchy phrase.

“We knew this was essential as part of an overall rethinking of the way we recruit students recognizing the world has changed,” said Smith.

Smith did not share the exact cost of the brand. Smith, did, however, express that it was a “reasonable number.”

“It’s what you should be doing in every instance if you need something and you don’t have the technical expertise,” said Smith. “You should seek the expertise to do what you need to do.”

The funding for the new brand came from a combination of the President’s office and Academic Affairs, with other departments on campus pitching in information.

Institutional Advancement (fundraising people, Public Relations Director, Alumni Representative) and Admissions were responsible in leading the entire effort in bringing the brand to life on campus in collaboration with Elliance.

Pitt-Greensburg emphasis when coming up with the brand was focused on how Pitt-Greensburg is part of a big university system.

“We are an intimate campus where you matter, your faculty know you, the staff know you, you know them, and you can know me,” said Smith.

Traditional students, specifically people in the age group of 18 through 22 searches for the college of their choice using an electronic device.

“The brand is something that helps the student whose searching find the right school, and the school reach the people who identify with their brand,” said Smith.

The brand relies on Pitt-Greensburg’s current essence, which is not suspected to change, thus the brand is expected to last for a while.

“As you go forth from the school we want you to know that it’s in your power to make a difference wherever you are, and whenever you’re there,” said Smith.

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