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Pitt-Greensburg SPSEA to Host 2017 NHS Dance

by Samantha Taraboletti

The Pitt-Greensburg Student Pennsylvania State Education Association (SPSEA) will host its annual National Human Services (NHS) Dance on Nov. 17, 2017 in Village Hall 118. The NHS Dance is an event for exceptional students from the area NHS schools and Clelian Heights. This year, SPSEA expects about 50 students to come to the annual dance.

The NHS Dance was created four years ago by Professor Jeanne Burth. She began it because the NHS schools wanted to have an event on campus.

“This was her brainchild,” said Professor Melissa Marks, Burth’s fellow Education professor and friend.

This year, the co-chair for the NHS Dance is Mackenzie Janda, an Early Education major.

When asked why she wanted to take on the position of co-chair, Janda said “I wanted to become a chairperson for this event because I wanted to get more involved with SPSEA and I thought this event would be fun, rewarding, and just a good thing to be a part of.”

Janda’s plan for the dance is to accommodate each and every student and their special needs.

“My hope for the dance is that every student has an amazing time! I want all the students to dance, laugh, smile, and enjoy their time spent with our Pitt-Greensburg students during this special event! I hope that it is memorable for every student that attends,” said Janda.

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