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“Nobody Roots for Goliath”: #ThursdayNightswithShahum

by Shahum Ajmal

“How to Get Away with Murder” season four, episode seven aired Thursday, Nov. 9.

We are only one episode away from the winter finale.

The episode started off with Asher acting more entitled than he really is now that he got insight on Laurel’s plan to take down her father.

He danced around the idea of ratting them out the whole episode, but didn’t actually post up, and ended up joining their efforts.

Only after he confronted Michaela about his true feelings of their relationship, demanding she get rid of her twenty-thousand-dollar Vera Wang wedding dress from when she was engaged to Aiden.

On the real, where are these law school students whipping out twenty-thousand-dollar wedding dresses?

Frank was brought up to speed with Laurel’s plan, and was against it at first, but then came around after hearing Laurel’s little speech about justice.

Meanwhile, in the world of Annalise, a lot went down.

She ditched Isaac without an explanation, leaving him on read as she dipped out of his office.

You would think after Annalise left Isaac on read he would move on, but no. Isaac took the stand when he was subpoenaed (s/o to Bonnie) in response to the Attorney General’s petition to circumvent certification of Annalise’s class action lawsuit case.

This was all an obvious ploy to get Isaac to explain how Annalise is unfit to carry on with her class action. Isaac came to Annalise’s rescue explaining how is she has been 100 percent committed to her sobriety, and that he has never once doubted her.

Cue the flashbacks that went in and out of this scene showcasing each moment Isaac questioned Annalise.

Connor was in a state of pure bliss during this whole episode, even going as far as setting up a tent in Oliver’s living room and asking him to marry him.

As expected, everything is never truly blissful in the land of HTGAWM, and Oliver confessed what he really has been working on behind Connor’s back this whole time.

Also, we cannot forget about how even though Simon is annoying and vindictive, Oliver is planning to put all the blame on him after he breaks into Caplan and Gold’s server using Tegan’s key card.

Simon confided in Oliver in hopes that he would help him not get deported.

Can we trust anyone? No. However, the little DACA roast curtesy of Shonda Rhimes was appreciated.

We are going to have to wait until the finale to see how Connor reacts. Connor is super dramatic so my bet is that he’s going to storm out, and head straight over to Annalise’s hotel “apartment” with the news.

After Isaac perjured himself on the stand for Annalise, she whips into his office yet again.

But this time, Annalise confesses what truly is in her heart, demanding to know if she has been a trigger for Isaac.

Cue the flash forward, which we know will mostly be taking place at Caplan and Gold’s celebratory dinner.

Fancy dinner with a murderous twist. What is this, Clue?

Anyways, we are given the following: Bonnie at Caplan and Gold starring in on Oliver looking shook wrapped in a blanket, Asher still sobbing in jail, Laurel screaming for her baby with Frank by her side, Isaac being sent to voicemail by Annalise, who’s busy sobbing in her shower. Honestly me. Michaela on the other hand is still asking if “he is dead.”

Who is she referring to?

Tune in next week to find out.

See you guys after the winter finale.

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