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“Stay Strong, Mama”: #ThursdayNightswithShahum

by Shahum Ajmal

“How to Get Away with Murder” season four, episode six aired Thursday, Nov. 2.

The episode started off with Isaac and his own therapist talking about ways to deal with Annalise. Isaac, later at the advice of his own therapist, encouraged Annalise to deal with all of the loss in her life, starting by writing a letter to Sam, in hopes that she would open up about her dead son.

Isaac’s therapist, who was unknown till the end of the episode, advised Isaac to recommend Annalise a new therapist since she seems to be a trigger for him. Isaac on the other hand believed that the fact that she is a trigger for him, makes him perfect as her therapist.

Annalise was faced with more roadblocks in her class action lawsuit. The DA’s office threatened Annalise’s client, Claudia, with the seizure of her family’s home if she continued to follow through with Annalise suit.

Connor uncharacteristically was all Team Annalise, reassuring Claudia and her son, Tyrone, that Annalise is the only person able to fix this mess.

Annalise tried to get a judge to file an injunction against the seizure of the house, but he declined, saying Annalise may not be the right lawyer for this suit given her track record with the bar.

Bonnie was in full praise at the DA’s office for, in sum, ruining Annalise’s work. She was named ADA Winterbottom by Denver himself.

Post celebrating Isaac showed up to Bonnie’s office to check up on her, and to make sure she reaches out to one his recommended therapists.

Another Annalise and Bonnie showdown occurred, as Annalise came barging into the DA’s office spitting straight fire about the immoral acts the DA’s office is responsible for, specifically for threatening those who already have nothing.

Bonnie didn’t catch a break, because in the following scene she and Nate had a private showdown in the men’s restroom. Nate explained how this is no longer about Annalise, but the people who have been hurt by the system. Bonnie was then shown talking to Denver advising him that he is losing support in low-income districts, and that it would be in his best interest to put an end to his efforts in taking down Annalise’s suit. He shut her down, and took her off the case.

Meanwhile at good old Caplan and Gold, Oliver was freaking out that he and Michaela were going to get caught for breaking into Tegan’s computer. Cue Tegan who stormed in with the news that the CEO of the company, Laurel’s dad, called an emergency boardroom meeting. Michaela tried to finesse her way into the meeting, but it was for partners only.

Michaela frantically called Laurel, who was in midst of an ultrasound and paternity test. Laurel’s dad was calling her on the other side of the line inviting her to dinner.

Remember, that Laurel who is now obviously pregnant, told her dad earlier in the season that she had an abortion.

Asher at the advice of Frank, showed up to Caplan and Gold, and demanded answers from Michaela about whether or not she is cheating on him with Laurel.

Face palm.

Michaela finessed a quick lie saying that the only reason she has been lying to him about her whereabouts is because, she is Laurel’s birthing partner.

Later, Asher showed up to Laurel’s with a teddy bear in hand and a heartfelt speech that was actually low-key nice and sincere.

The episode then broke off into three celebratory moments.

Annalise and Connor talked over a carton of ice cream about how Connor’s dad doesn’t think Oliver is good for him. Annalise then opened up about how the judge doesn’t think she is right for her class action suit, only to be reassured by Connor that she is perfect because, she too was once wrongfully imprisoned.

At Caplan and Gold, Michaela and Tegan were having celebratory drinks, which was an obvious ploy by Michaela to get information out of a drunk Tegan. The two talked about how Michaela in unappreciative of Asher, and how Tegan gave up “the best sex of her life” for her job.

Michaela further elaborated asking, “who was she?”

Meanwhile, Laurel was at dinner with her dad, who announced that Antares was going public, and that she is about to be very rich if she agrees to sign paperwork agreeing to the transfer of shares.

Sign me up, Mr. Castillo.

Meanwhile, Tegan shared the same news with Michaela, even going as far in saying that she’ll be able to open up her own firm, and hire Michaela.

Yet again, sign me up.

Michaela and Oliver’s relief that the meeting was not about their security breach was cut short as Laurel explained that Antares going public was the reason her dad had Wes killed. Wes, when threatening to turn in Annalise, was jeopardizing the implication of the Keating five in Sam and Rebecca’s murder. Which is why Laurel’s dad had Wes killed to protect Laurel and his company’s reputation.

Annalise simply could not write a letter to Sam, showed up to Isaac’s and did exactly what his therapist predicted, and opened up about the loss of her baby.

Through these confessions, we found out that Annalise tried to take her life after the loss of her baby. Sam never found out, because Bonnie was the one who found her and took her to the hospital.

Isaac yet again reported back to his therapist, who further insisted that Annalise is too much of a trigger for him. We found out that Isaac’s therapist is in fact his ex-wife, Jacqueline, and he too lost his teenage daughter.

Connor and Annalise took their message public, by having Tyrone speak at a press conference directed to the governor about what losing his home would do to his family,

Asher was then shown watching Oliver, Michaela, and Laurel talk about their next move in taking down Laurel’s dad through a live video clip from a camera he installed in the bear he gave Laurel earlier.

Hold on. Where did he get the funds for this camera bear if he’s broke?

Also, what the heck?

Then we had Frank who rushed over to Laurel’s with the news that he got a 170 on his LSAT (goals), and how he worked this hard only to provide for her and the baby.

Michaela got home, only to be welcomed by Asher who was packing up his things, and eventually stormed out. Asher then showed up to Bonnie’s place asking for Frank.

Frank who was too busy leaving Laurel with a kiss and some time to think. Bonnie then sobbed into Asher’s arms, explaining how she ruins everything.

Honestly, can’t argue with her on that one.

Then we had Isaac crying while watching a home video of his ex-wife and daughter, which led up to the next scene where Jacqueline was waiting outside of Annalise’s hotel “apartment” revealing that she is Isaac’s ex-wife.

Cue the one week away flash forward to Annalise sitting in her shower, as blood washed off of her and into the drain.

Why does Isaac’s wife have to be caught up in all of this?

Connor is the only one at this point who has not been shown in the flash forward.
Is he dead? Whose blood is on Annalise?

See you guys next week.

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