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“It’s for the Greater Good”: #ThursdayNightswithShahum

by Shahum Ajmal

“How to Get Away with Murder” season four, episode three aired Thursday, Oct. 12.

The episode mainly revolved around one of Annalise’s cases.

The episode picked up right where “I’m Not Her” left off. Michaela and Laurel were going back and forth as Laurel desperately tried to persuade Michaela to help take down her father for killing Wes.

Michaela is however ready to move on with her life, jumped in a cab, and demanded that Laurel not follow her.

In an interesting turn of events, Annalise headed over to the Public Defender’s office to offer her services. It is safe for us viewers to believe there is no hidden illegal agenda here, because Annalise has nothing to gain, except maybe rebranding her reputation.

Annalise got handed an appeal case for Ben Carter, who was a past gang member, accused of killing his fiancée, Kim.

He first wrote his own appeal from jail explaining that he was not given a fair trial due to his tattoo-covered face.

Meanwhile, Oliver was trying to get a job at the District Attorney’s office through Nate, who basically told him to get lost.

Oliver rushed back to the others with concerns that Bonnie now works for the DA’s office and is working to rat them all out. Oliver was then faced with more pressing information that Connor dropped out of law school, as Connor is shown holding a refund tuition check of $32,000.

Michaela was shown hard at work at her new firm, Kaplan and Gold. It was time for their yearly “Hell Bowl,” where they have all the interns face off testing their knowledge of the firm in reward of a bottle of champagne, and the freedom to pick who to work under.

As usual, Michaela killed it, and made it all the way to the final round to face off Simon.

Laurel also showed up to the DA’s office in hopes of landing an internship under Bonnie. Though, both Bonnie and Nate brushed her off.

Nate and Bonnie worked together to prove to the DA’s office that Bonnie no longer works/cares for Annalise.

Nate took the stand during Annalise’s case in place of the original investigator trying to bring attention to a voicemail left on Ben’s phone by his fiancée. Annalise explained that the voicemail meant nothing.

Connor is downward spiraling by day drinking and spending most of his day with male strippers.

Oliver got called in by Bonnie and Nate to help them hack Annalise’s phone. At first, he was against it, and said there was nothing of interest on her phone.

Leave it to Bonnie to stir the pot, and make Oliver realize that Annalise didn’t even respect him enough to fire him to his face.

After taking that in, Oliver revealed that he found a deleted voicemail on her phone, which they then used against Ben.

At first, I was flipping out, but then realized that Annalise used these same immoral tactics to win almost all of her cases.

Later on, Bonnie is literally saved by the bell as Annalise is about to “beat her ass.” Annalise was interrupted with a call from the morgue asking her to come in to identify a body.


Annalise arrived, and I was just about ready to fall off my couch. SPOILER ALERT: it was her former cellmate/client Jasmine.

This sent Annalise into a dark place and she was in desperate need of a drink. Responsibly, she headed over to Isaac’s to prevent her from making any alcoholic/career jeopardizing mistakes.  

Meanwhile, the Keating four were underway with hosting an intervention for Connor with a family style dinner prepared by Frank.

Connor shut them down by asking them to trust his decisions.

Frank later persuaded Bonnie to give Laurel the internship she asked for, at first Bonnie put up a fight, but in the next scene she was shown helping Laurel set up her desk.

Annalise then received anonymous video footage that proved her clients innocence. She had Frank do some digging to uncover who sent the video, only to find out that it was sent from a bartender who is sleeping with public defender Virginia Cross.

Cross was present at Ben’s trial as Annalise called her up to the stand as a hostile witness.

After playing the video, Annalise grilled Cross asking why this video was not shown years ago when Ben was first tried. As usual Annalise yelled over everyone, and forced Cross to admit that she simply missed the video the first time around because her office is underpaid and overwhelmed.

Cross confronted Annalise outside of the courtroom, and spit on her.

Annalise low-key deserved it.

Later on, Isaac tried to get to the bottom of why Annalise felt the need to destroy Cross knowing she could have handled the situation differently.

Annalise claimed that this was her chance to bring reform to the way the Public Defender’s office is operated.

This was an eye-opening scene for me because, for once I realized how deceiving Annalise actually is. Isaac explained how Annalise needs to stop trying to save everyone, and save herself for once.

Isaac was this close to break through with Annalise, but she blocked him out.

Connor and Asher were back at the gay bar drinking and dancing, when Oliver came in with two older men, who turned out to be Connors dads.

Michaela ended up winning Kaplan and Gold’s “Hell Bowl,” and chose to work under Tegan. On Michaela’s way out of Tegan’s office, Tegan said, “It’s going to be your hell.”

And it literally will be because, in a flash forward we see Michaela in the hospital covered in blood in complete shambles, crying into Isaac’s shoulder, frantically saying “He’s dead, isn’t he? Everyone around us dies.”

Whose dead?

Laurel’s baby?

Connor? Asher?

Did the blood on Michaela come from Annalise’s hotel “apartment”?

So much viewer bait. See you guys next week.

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