New Stories

DIY Halloween Costumes

by Chelle Jackson

Learn how to make your own cheap and simple Halloween costumes.

Ceiling Fan

Materials- all can be found at the dollar store

  1. A bowl to glue things to (we used a colander)
  2. A stiff poster board
  3. Scissors
  4. A wall light
  5. Pompoms
  6. A paper
  7. A pen
  8. A sense of humor


  1. Cut out fan wing shaped pieces of poster board. If you are going to be wearing this around, make them smaller, you won’t want to be knocking into things all night.
  2. Glue the wings to the side of the bowl, and the light to the top, as shown below
  3. Write on the paper “Go ceiling!” Include other things if you are feeling creative.
  4. Wear plain clothes, preferably that match your pompoms. Tape the paper to your shirt.
  5. Put the bowl on your head and wave your pompoms around.


Materials- all can be found at 5 below and the dollar store

  1. Fake blood
  2. Black clothes
  3. Vampire teeth (optional)
  4. Pale makeup (green pigmented color corrector and contour optional)
  5. Red lipstick
  6. Black cape (optional)


  1. Put on your black clothes, preferably covering them to avoid getting makeup or blood on them.
  2. Apply makeup to face. If using green color corrector, apply before foundation. If using contour, make obvious to contrast pale pigmentation.
  3. Apply red lipstick to your lips.
  4. Allow fake blood to drip down from your lips.
  5. Put in the fake teeth (optional)

Identity Thief


  1. 50 name cards
  2. A plain shirt
  3. A marker
  4. Makeup (optional)
  5. A glove (optional)
  6. 2 obviously different shades of lipstick (optional)
  7. One long sock (optional)


  1. Write a variety of names on the cards.
  2. Place the cards all over the shirt.
  3. Wear something on half your body, for example one gloved hand and one gloveless, or makeup on half of your face.
  4. Apply two different lipsticks to each half of your lips.
  5. Do your hair asymmetrically.



  1. A dress or outfit that makes you feel pretty.
  2. A crown
  3. A wand (optional)


  1. Put on that outfit that makes you feel gorgeous.
  2. Put on crown.

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