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“I’m Not Her”: #ThursdayNightswithShahum

by Shahum Ajmal

“How to Get Away with Murder” (HTGAWM) season four, episode two aired Thursday, Oct. 5.

The episode was centered around Annalise’s meetings with her court-ordered psychiatrist.

It is safe to say that Annalise and myself included have our suspicions of him. I mean he was shown in episode one’s the flash forward with Laurel as she woke up and realized her baby was missing.

Annalise is back to looking like a 10 all while she took on her first case, which I was really excited to watch unfold.

And it wasn’t just any other case, it was Annalise’s cellmate, Jasmine, from Annalise’s time in prison in season three.

Annalise also offered her services to Jasmine free of charge (pro-bono). It is not too often Annalise posts up with niceness with no hidden agenda.

As Annalise is moving forward in her life, the Keating Four are doing the same. The Keating Four are shown partaking in a legal job fair in hopes of landing an internship with a top law firm. The four all prepared differently, and performed as planned.

Michaela killed it, Asher was mediocre, Laurel low-key nailed it but was far from genuine, and Connor totally blanked and blew it.

All the interviewers eventually asked how it was for them to work for Annalise Keating.

Connor and Laurel dodged the question with generic responses, Asher referenced patriarchy in his answer, and Michaela shut it down by saying, “The most important thing she taught me is the kind of lawyer I don’t want to be.”

Meanwhile, Jasmine’s case got more complicated.

Annalise’s attempted to get Jasmine’s case thrown out in a preliminary hearing, but was not successful. It was uncovered in a body cam footage that Jasmine could have been charged with battery and soliciting an officer.

As predicted, Annalise confronted Jasmine about why she kept this information from her. The scene took a real raw, and heart-breaking turn as Jasmine went off on Annalise. Jasmine explained how Annalise only took on her case to further own ego, and that how Jasmine was sold and gang-raped at the age of 13.

Annalise took a step back and had to find a new angle to fight her case, but first she had to get her hands-on Jasmine’s sealed file from when she was a minor.

Nate was back in this episode in scenes with Bonnie and her new job. Bonnie tried reaching out, but Nate was convinced that Bonnie was still working for Annalise as a mole.

Annalise desperately turned to Bonnie for help when she needed her hands-on Jasmine’s sealed juvenile file, but Bonnie returned Annalise’s request by slamming a door in her face.


In a typical turn of events, Bonnie was shown wasted calling Frank while he was camped out spying on Laurel.

Later, Frank was shown at the door of Annalise’s hotel “apartment” with Jasmine’s sealed file in hand.

Just as Bonnie, Annalise too tried to slam a door in Frank’s face to show her gratitude. He stopped her, and explained how he will always be there for Annalise.

As the Keating Four reflected on their interviews, Connor explained how he may not even want to be a lawyer anymore.

Oliver proceeded to roast him for being so white privileged, while explaining how he is starting his own I.T. company, “Control Oli Delete.”

I’m weak.

Michaela got five call backs, Asher gets three, and both Laurel and Connor get zero. Michaela and Asher both attended Caplan and Gold’s call back.

If I’m not working at a law firm like that when I’m older, I will be as sad as the name of Oliver’s I.T. company.

Michaela killed it yet again, but Asher blew it by letting Simon get under his skin with comments about his late father. Michaela rushed over to calm Asher down, while giving Simon a few choice words.

Connor desperately tried to get an interview with a social justice firm where he learned that Laurel lied about not receiving any callbacks. Connor then headed over to Laurel’s apartment in hopes of forgiveness.

The episode then went in and out of Annalise and her therapist, Isaac, and her courtroom fight for Jasmine. As predicted Annalise shut it down, while shedding light on real life social inequality.

Thank you Shonda Rhimes.

The trial resulted in the judge sealing off all of Jasmine’s past convictions, so she can be eligible for government assistance and jobs without having an extensive criminal background following her.

Annalise sent Jasmine on her way with a new government I.D., and a little stash of money. Isaac explained that Annalise’s only took on Jasmine’s case because she saw herself in her.

Annalise shut him down right away, explaining that people don’t change.

Isaac opened up about himself saying he is an example of change, since he once was a heroin addict. Annalise looked stunned saying she wish he hadn’t told her that, because the last therapist that opened up to her became her husband, Sam.

The Keating four were shown at a bar drowning their feels, while Michaela was celebrating the three offers she received, including Caplan and Gold.

Laurel rushed over to Michaela urging her to take the Caplan and Gold offer. Luckily, Michaela already did, because they paid the most.

Laurel exhaled saying, “My father killed Wes and you’re going to help me take him down.”

The episode ended with a flash forward with Laurel screaming about her missing baby with Frank on her side, as Isaac left the room to call Annalise.

His phone call goes to voicemail, where he leaves a voicemail.

“She’s awake,” he says. “Answer the damn phone.”

Why can’t Annalise come to the phone right now?

Is it because she’s dead?

Since when did HTGAWM turn into a Taylor Swift song?

The episode ended with Bonnie walking around Annalise’s hotel “apartment” which is shown as an ongoing crime scene with a bloody elevator.

Is the blood Annalise’s, or typical HTGAWM viewer bait for us to stick around till the end of the season?

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