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New Addition to Smith Hall Coming in 2019

by Samantha Taraboletti

An addition to Smith Hall at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg should be completed sometime in 2019, according to Joseph Bleehash, Director of Maintenance and Security.

The addition is still being designed, but Bleehash said “the current size is a two level building of approximately 67,600 square feet (33,800 square feet per floor).”

The addition will house rooms for Biology, Chemistry, Nursing, and Capstone. It will also hold computer labs and some faculty offices.

“Although the building is considered a ‘stand alone’ building, called the Life Sciences Building, it will be physically connected to the existing Smith Hall by a two-story glass atrium, which will feature circulation between the two buildings via a second-level bridge and seating/lounge areas on the ground level. The thought is that the gathering space will be able to be used for a variety of functions and displays,” said Bleehash.

The addition to Smith Hall started being planned last year by the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, alongside a Pittsburgh architecture firm.

“They did an initial study to determine the need for new space, conducted many interviews with potential users of the building, and have started design of the facility,” Bleehash said.

New parking lots have been designed to accompany the addition to Smith Hall and they will be phased in periodically. The projected cost has not yet been determined but it will be voted upon in February.

“We are anticipating a combination of private donations and Capital funds provided by Oakland. Although the breakdown is still unknown, we are pursuing many different options. We are also working on a projected cost for the building through several channels. The projected cost will be delivered to and voted upon at the Oakland Board of Directors meeting in February,” said Bleehash.

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