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“How to Get Away with Murder”: #ThursdayNightswithShahum

by Shahum Ajmal

Hit American drama television series, “How to Get Away with Murder,” has come back to ABC with its fourth season, which aired Thursday, Sept. 28.

The season premiere brought me back into all of my feels from season three’s explosive, shocking, and riveting finale, which aired back in Feb.

The episode mainly revolved around Annalise, and her attempts get both her personal and professional life back on track after everything completely fell apart for her last season after the death of Wes Gibbons.

An interesting scene from the premiere showed Laurel and her dad walking around Middleton’s campus.

The relationship seemed pretty typical between Laurel and her dad as far as what viewers are used to from past seasons — emotional baggage from her youth and her desperate attempts to get rid of him ASAP.

Laurel did, however, confess that she was pregnant but had an abortion.

Viewers are to assume that Laurel has suspicions that her father is in fact responsible for Wes’s death and is up to something to prove his motives and guiltiness.

The episode brought me into my feels with Annalise’s desperate attempts to help her mom, who has dementia, trying to get access to the insurance money from her exploded house, all while trying to get her law license back, which she gets back later in the episode.

Anytime Annalise visits Memphis to see her mom, we know that at one point or another Annalise and her father are going to go fight, and there is going to be a tear jerking scene with Annalise and her mom.

Up until Annalise’s last supper scene, I was under the impression that Laurel did in fact have an abortion.

However, once she arrived at the dinner late after explaining that her Uber driver put the wrong address in, she announced that she has decided to keep the baby.

This unexpected announcement was not the last one to be shared at the dinner.

Annalise had envelopes placed in front of each of them, which she did not want to open until after dinner.

The envelopes each contained a letter of recommendation.

For a split second, I was feeling happy for them, until Annalise explained that the letters were going-away presents because she was letting the Keating four go.

Once everyone stormed off, only Bonnie was left at the table.

Just as Bonnie was about to give Annalise some words of wisdom, Annalise said that she too had a letter, and was being let go.

At this point I was laying on my couch completely emotionless as Annalise gathered her things and left Bonnie.

I do not know what to expect from the season, but have no doubt in my mind that it will be an eventful yet emotional journey.

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