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Discounted Parking Passes to be Sold this Semester

by Kara Goughnour

As of the Fall 2017 semester, students can purchase discounted parking passes for fifty dollars that allow them to park their cars in the auxiliary lot across from campus next to the University Court. This new discount is due to the upcoming addition to campus of a science building in the Smith Hall parking lot.

In response to the discounted passes, Campus Police Chief Lynch said, “We are aware of the parking issues moving forward…We wanted to create incentive for alternate parking.”

As of this issue, there is no decision made on whether or not the sale of these discounted passes will continue into next year, as this decision is dependent on the length of the construction. The cost of the University Court parking passes will also not be discounted, and can still be purchased for seventy-five dollars.

Campus police will also be ticketing any car outside of its designated lot. “We want to facilitate parking for everyone and ensure the purchase of a parking pass.” said Chief Lynch.

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