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Roll on Down to Naturoll

by Shahum Ajmal

Rolled ice cream is becoming a new trend noticed among today’s millennials. ice cream 5

Naturoll, located at 4318 Butler St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201 is just the place to go to fulfill your ice cream aesthetic.

Naturoll uses a technique that originated in Thailand of hand rolling ice cream batter with the addition of fresh ingredients.

As the weather is warming up, you can expect a decent wait before enjoying your selection.

However, the location is off to the side making the wait pleasant.

Upon arrival into the small yet comfortable creamery, customers have the opinion of using from three menus: monthly specials, regular selections, or create your own.

I went with the salted caramel mocha off of the monthly specials menu.

Other options off the month specials menu include, cotton candy, lemon blueberry, and white house cherry.

Some options from the regular menu include, monkey business (banana + Nutella or peanut butter or caramel), spring cupcake (Nilla Wafers, vanilla frosting, sprinkles), brownie (brownie bites, caramel dark chocolate shavings), peanut butter cup (Reese’s galore), and s’mores (chocolate, graham cracker, toasted marshmallow).

If one wanted to create their own they would have the option to use their flavor of ice cream, and two mix-ins.

Vegan options are also now available. ice cream4

Once a customer has made a selection, and paid ($7.00 + $.75 tax), they are called up to a number of rolling stations where they can see their selections come to life.

The process begins with a cup of vanilla or chocolate ice-cream mixture being poured over a round metal tray that is chilled to -10 degrees.

Then, additional ingredients are added to it, while the employee swirls and scoops the mixture multiple times with a metal spatula.

The mixture is then flattened, cut, and rolled into five tubes that are placed in a cup.

Naturoll is definitely an experience one should fulfill.

However, I will be sticking to “normal” scooped ice cream from either Cold Stone Creamery or Dairy Queen.


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 3–9 P.M.

Wednesday: 3–9 P.M.

Thursday: 3–9 P.M.

Friday: 3–10 P.M.

Hours might differ on Good Friday.

Saturday 12–10 P.M.

Sunday: 12-6 P.M.

Hours might differ on Easter.

Phone: (412) 687-1572

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