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Deep, Deep, Deep, and Gone… A Softball Update

by Austin Lonzo

The women’s softball team is ready and looking to make it back to the AMCC tournament this year.

The women’s team went 5-5 while playing their spring games in Clermont, FL. This showed a promising start to the season with head coach Charles Myers shedding some light to the beginning of the season.

“We are working on transferring our weight from 100% on our back foot to 100% to our front foot. We are also working hard to hit the outside pitch,” Myers said. “The girls have to be patient and let the ball travel deeper in the zone.”

This year is a little bit different from last year though. It’s a rebuilding year for the team. Colleen Murphy, a freshman Secondary Math Education major and pitcher/outfielder for the team, explained some of how different this season is going to be.

“We only had three returners to the team this year so we’re basically starting over,” Murphy said. “With 10 freshmen and two transfers, it’s hard to say if it’s anything like last year.”

The freshmen have had to step up into roles that they had not foreseen themselves being in this early in the season.

Aubrey Platek, another freshmen on the team is a double major in International Business and Marketing, plays second base for the Bobcats.

“We need to start sweeping teams, we’ve been having trouble doing that so far,” Platek said. “However, the last split against Penn State Behrend was big for us because they won the championship last year.”

The Bobcats are 10-14 in regular season play and 2-4 in the conference. The women will play on April 9 at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

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