New Stories

Changes Happening in Career Services

by Jess Weiss

Dorothy Zilic is taking on new initiatives one month into the school year as the new Director of Career Services.

When asked about her new position, Zilic discussed how much she had learned from Beth Tiedemann, the former Director of Career Services.

“I had the privilege to work with Beth Tiedemann, former Director of Career Services and now Director of Academic Advising and Registrar, for eight years on such endeavors,” she said. “She taught me so much about the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg and its workings.”

Zilic discussed many of the new programs that Career Services were planning this year. They are beginning an “Internship Spotlight” which allows students to share their internship experiences on a webpage within career services. She added that if you are interested in sharing your internship experience, contact Kristen Stratton at

They will also starting “Draw Your Life, a hands-on, career exploration workshop” to help undecided students focus on their future goals. Along with this program will be “Career Impressions and Success” which takes place during National Career Development Week (November 14-18), and will include daily speakers and presentations on career development.

Along with being the Director of Career Services, Zilic has also started teaching Career Planning and Exploration. Students learn about gaining experience required to get a job, as well as how to network yourself and planning for graduate school.

“Every class is different. Because the course is open to any major and academic year, each student brings a different perspective, questions, and plans,” Zilic said.

When asked what her advice would be for job-seeking students, Zilic said that she encourages students to begin job-searching early on so they understand what is expected of them to be able to compete in the job-field. This includes clinical shadowing, direct care hours, internships, research, and work experience. She also said that it is important to make connections.

Zilic said, “You never know who will be the spark that helps you on your way to becoming the person you want to be!”

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