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Visual Art Society’s Displays Student’s Art

by Kara Goughnour


Artist Devon Mallon looks at paintings entered in the art show

The Pitt-Greensburg Visual Art Society’s Art Show was held on April 7, 2016 at 5:30 p.m.

Votes for “fan-favorite,” or the best piece according to the student body in attendance, were sold at 1 for $1.00, 5 for $3.00, and 10 for $5.00. All proceeds from the votes benefited the International Rescue Committee for Syrian Refugees.

Artists also had the opportunity to place their artwork up for sale for their own prices, with all proceeds benefiting the artists themselves. Twenty-two pieces of art were displayed in the showing, including a piece form The Insider’s own Narky McCanterbury named “A Lone Tree.”

First, second, and third place winners were gifted art-themed gift baskets purchased by the Pitt-Greensburg Visual Arts Society. The panel of judges deciding on the first through third place winners were Gabe Felice, an artist whose work includes RAW artist and some Pittsburgh murals, Joan McGarry, Director of Education and Visitor Engagement at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, and PJ Zimmerlink, an artist who has exhibited works with the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh and who is an artist in residence at WCCC.

The “fan-favorite” winner was Abbi Rothrauff. First place was awarded to artist Devon Manoll, second place was awarded to artist Abby Cox, and third place was awarded to artist Heather Sullenberger.

“When you hear the judges critiquing your art, good or bad, and you hear them complimenting you and naming things you could improve on, it’s great to be able to hear these anonymous responses. It’s not just voting for your friends; it’s really appreciating your artistic colleagues.” said Abbi Rothrauff, sophomore at Pitt-Greensburg.

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