New Stories

Small Creatures Claim Territory in Smith Hall

by Maria Yokopenic


Professor Giovannelli holding the captured bird.

Just a few weeks ago it was dis-covered that a few small animals made their way into the walls of Smith Hall. (To escape from the cold the creatures made their way inside the building through a small hole that sits just outside of the window of room 213.)

Small feet, thought to be a squir-rel, were heard running around in the ceiling on the second floor one day back in February. Dr. Luderer, organic chemistry professor, dis-missed his class early because of the disruption of the hyper-active animal. Mrs. Giovannelli, chemis-try professor, could hear the animal in her class as well, but decided to continue lecturing.

Later on that day, on the first floor of Smith, Mrs. Giovannelli thought she had heard chirping in the hallway. “Ms. Paul was sure I was hearing things until she came down to the basement a few hours later and we saw the bird perched quite decoratively on the wreath hanging outside the faculty offices. My first initial thought was I told you the ceiling was chirping at me” Giovannelli said.

The bird flew around in the basement for a little while until it settled in Dr. Long’s office, when Mrs. Giovannelli and Ms. Paul closed the door locking both Dr. Long and the small bird inside. Mrs. Giovannelli was then able to catch the bird using her ACS Periodic Table blanket.

“See, the periodic table is good for both chemistry and biology!” Giovannelli said.

No harm came to the small bird, nor person, on its journey through Smith hall. However, it is not the first time some animals have found their way into the building. Dr. Luderer talks about previous times where he has heard some animals in the ceilings. The animals are harmless, and most likely scared. No incident of any serious harm from the animals has ever been re-ported, their simply curious, looking for some place warm.

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